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Table 2 Concepts Assessed by Measurement Tools

From: Review of menopausal palpitations measures

Measurement Tool Item Palpitations not specified Heart rate sensations Heartbeat sensations Discomfort
Heart discomfort     X
Heart discomfort/palpitation X    X
Heart discomfort (unusual awareness of heartbeat, heart skipping, heart racing, tightness)   X X X
Heart discomfort/cardiac symptoms     X
Cardiac symptoms (palpitations, racing heartbeat, irregular beats, tightness in chest) X X X  
Palpitations/heart palpitations X    
Palpitation of heart, excitable/anxiety X    
Palpitations and butterflies X   X  
Breathlessness and palpitations X    
Palpitations (heart beating quickly or strongly) X X X  
Irregular heart beats    X  
Tachycardia   X   
Rapid heartbeat   X   
Heart pounding (or racing)   X X  
Heart beating quickly and heart discomfort   X   X