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Table 4 Association between initial measurement of AMH (ng/dl) during years 1–4 and CAC at year 8 before and after adjustment for concurrent CVD risk factors (n = 349 women)

From: Anti-Müllerian hormone and its relationships with subclinical cardiovascular disease and renal disease in a longitudinal cohort study of women with type 1 diabetes

  Unadjusted Adjusted for age Adjusted for age and SBP Adjusted for age, total cholesterol, and HDL Adjusted for age and A1c
AMH 1.01 (0.94–1.08) 1.08 (1.00–1.16) 1.08 (1.00–1.16) 1.08 (1.00–1.17) 1.08 (1.00–1.16)
  1. Odds ratios and 95% confidence intervals shown