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Table 7 Patient Resources: Companion document for use by women seeking management for female sexual dysfunction

From: Management of sexual dysfunction in breast cancer survivors: a systematic review

What type of information is here? What organization provides this resource? Link to website
Fact sheet and video describing sexual problems and treatment options for the general population. American Society for Reproductive Medicine
Fact sheets about cancer, its effect on sex and sexuality, and treatment options American Cancer Society
Sexual function screening guidelines and treatment options for cancer survivors National Comprehensive Cancer Network
Recorded talk by sexual health providers on rediscovering intimacy after cancer treatment Cancer Care, in collaboration with National Cancer Institute, Livestrong, LBBC, Intercultural Cancer Council, National Coalition for Cancer Survivorship
Information on vaginal dryness treatment options for the general population North American Menopause Society
Online forum to talk to other breast cancer survivors about sexual concerns
Finding a sexual health provider American Association of Sexuality Educations, Counselors, and Therapists
Finding a sexual health provider Society for Sex Therapy and Research